Tech Tinkering

Join a series of informative fun free events and inexpensive classes to explore project ideas and build people’s digital creative skillset, for sustainable career and community development. In 2022 an Autumn season of 3 scheduled events (26 Feb, 26 Mar & 23 Apr) has completed with planning commenced for a Spring Season (3 Sep, 1 Oct & 5 Nov). Optional membership to the Kwinana Tech Tinkering Meetup group offers additional benefits and resources to registered event attendees and students.

“Perth has an amazing depth and breadth of technical talent that can create new local employment opportunities when people are given time and space to collaborate.”

—Sebastian Malcolm, 2019 interview with the Sound Telegraph.
Sebastian with 3D Printer, LEGO Mindstorms, VR and IoT hardware

Technology Experience Events, in Wellard:

Residents of Kwinana and nearby suburbs are welcome to discover the fun of gaming, gadgets and wireless tech wizardry at John Wellard Community Centre. Get hands-on with hardware to discuss and explore a project idea for Community Teamwork with Technology!

Attendees can be introduced to new or emerging technologies, coding and tinkering with hardware for robotics, 3-D printing, computer vision, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, drones and blockchain.

These technology exploration workshop-type of events are to connect like-minded local residents and to provide easy and fun access to new technologies.

Free or inexpensive science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education often create opportunities for innovative ideas to flourish and inspire youth to engineer a better future for themselves, communities, societies and the environment.

LEGO Mindstorms robotics and a 3D printer as an example of the hardware available to tinker with.

Introductory Coding Classes – Building Smart Sensors, in Wellard:

Learn to code with a BBC micro:bit sensing and reacting to changes in the real world!

Be creative with simple sensors and coding in teams of 2 people, by getting hands-on with hardware using a BBC micro:bit assigned to each team. Bring a friend, family member or mentor to work with you.

Learning how to build simple Smart Sensors teaches how data and computer systems fit together to react to the physical environment, for fun or gaining foundational skills for future employment.

For a sample of the topics these classes may cover, explore the free micro:bit Home Learning projects with video guides. for learning at home that can be completed for free on a BBC micro:bit simulator running in your web browser.

Connect.Wellard Logo
The Connect.Wellard team recognise WA Government
support, through Hon. Reece Whitby MLA (Baldivis)

We gratefully acknowledge that hardware used in the classes was provided from The Village at Wellard Residents’ Association (Inc.) – Tech Tinkering Kits project funded by the WA Government as part of the election commitment grant program (from Grant Number GR-06-00000827 in 2021).

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